Fine Dining Lovers Food for Thought Award

Central Europe

As part of the application process for the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition, each entrant was asked to define the meaning behind their dish, what they want to express with the dish and the message, history and identity they wish to communicate.

These are the finalists for the Central Europe region, who will be competing on 23 September: now we are asking Fine Dining Lovers’ readers to vote for the one they think is best.

Choose the chef whose dish best encapsulates his/her meaning and message and vote! The winner of the Fine Dining Lovers Food for Thought Award will go on to compete for the global title at the Grand Finale in 2020.

You have until 19 September at 12 PM GMT to place your vote.

Vote for the Central Europe's regional finalist that best expresses his/her message!


Eleonora Baranova


Bull testicles with cauliflower and baked garlic cream with smoked apple sauce


Bull testicles with cauliflower and baked garlic cream with smoked apple sauce
For me cooking doesn't have any borders and boundaries. Here using experience exchange and collaboration with other cultures and cuisines you can create something new. 
This dish primarily consists of Ukrainian groceries, but also contains Japanese ones. My experience in working with Japanese cuisine has inspired me to create this dish. 
Using modern techniques, working on your progress day after day. 

Dimitar Boev


Spring Guinea Fowl

I just what to express that with the simple steps and simple think we can create something  very nice and good and gives you the placer of cooking. My mentality is Nature gives you already amazing product use them like this and make them perfect.

Jakub Borkowski


Roe-deer with dumplings and Puree with confit spring onions and shallots

By my meal, I go back to my hometown, it brings back only positive feelings.
In my memories when I visited my grandfather, he always prepared dishes of venison, taking me on trips in the woods. He told me about his taste and tried to show me all of them. Of course, grandma could always prepare a delicious rhubarb compote. That is why I wanted to show in my dish my own memory, with the appearance of a region rich in forests and lakes. The combination of novelty with tradition.

Łukasz Daszynski


Dear loin / mushroom / bison gras / sea buckthorn

Polish mother earth.
The dish refers to the geographical location of Poland as well as to history. I wanted to show in this dish the Polish food, venison. I drew inspiration for the dish from the Polish forests. I wanted to show the good of our forests and refer to the Old Polish cuisine in a modern way. Venison is a product that ideally blends in with our surroundings. the aroma of smoking, smoking in the dish is to refer to the feasting by the bonfire in the family circle.

Vitaliia Huluzade


Potatoe cutlet

I want to show to the world forgotten tastes from the childhood and not-so-often used products in a restaurant with this dish. My dish is simple, but it has a love for local products and old cooking techniques. Baked potatoes in a fire with salo, you may know it as lard or pork's fat, steamed offal, spoiled or sour home milk, fresh greens from the garden - these are the great tastes of my childhood. I present it in a new improved form, but with the same tastes I once felt, that is still in my memory.

Krzysztof Konieczny


Jerusalem Artichoke "fish"

I made a dish made of vegetables only, techniques that I used in meat, I used in my vegetarian dish. Fishy topinambur, laurel parsnip puree, marinated salicornia; I was able to win the internship in a restaurant and in this competition I come back to it with still greater awareness.

Levente Koppány


Rainbow Trout with chervil, forest mushrooms and wild garlic

As far back as I can remember, I hunted by the waters. As a fly fisherman, I traveled a lot in the region and in my country, to catch the greatest fresh water fish in the world: trout. During my journey I found out that wild rivers are under attack. And they going to disappear. Hydro dams are going to destroy the rivers, forests, and the wild life. On my dish, I am using the ingredients that you can find next to the river. And if we do not do something, we are going to lose them.

Eugen Korolev


Uprising of Ukrainian Cossack

Uprising of Ukrainian cossacks... Goes deep to Ukrainian history into 14th-17th centuries, times when the Ukrainian nation was under the pressure of neighbours. The Ukrainian Cossacks formed the Zaporozhian Sich centred on the fortified Dnipro islands were I was born and I was impressed by this historical moment. I think that was a moment of creation of Ukrainians as a real separate nation and the time to growth and development in our own country. Now i want to express the cossacks cuisine in a new style and with variations.

Łukasz Moneta


"Sturgeon and Snails"

For this dish l use new techniques like confit in bees wax, because it gives fish naturally sweet flavours, moisture and tenderness after cooking. l am using Polish ingredients to tune the dish like bison grass, larch, elderflower millet, wild herbs. This is my childhood fish that l love but in a modern and fine dining version. l  want to show how l combine flavours and simple ingredients to create an original, sophisticated  dish. I’m very proud of this plate and l want to show it to you in the best way.

Jana Stöger


As a child in Tirol

Whether fishing with my granddad or wandering through woods and mountains picking up wild herbs and berries, my connection to nature was strong. My grandmother prepared the most stunning dishes with Brook Trout with wild herbs, sea buckthorn and fresh produce from the Tirol Veggie Box that we shared together at the dinner table. My dish is an homage to the lessons of my grandparents and to Austria for teaching me the value of real regionality and traditions in gastronomy.

What message, history and identity would you like to express with your dish?
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The winner of the Fine Dining Lovers Food for Thought Award will be announced during each Regional Final. Remember to check the Fine Dining Lovers website for updates and to discover the regional winners when they are announced!