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S.Pellegrino Young Chef is a global talent platform that aims to bring out the best of young talents who have the potential to create positive change in society through food. Participants must be able to communicate their original ideas of food. We seek young chefs with the following three key attributes, also known as the Golden Rules:

 - TECHNICAL SKILLS: Ability to select the finest ingredients in terms of quality, freshness and uniqueness, to obtain an excellent taste, combined with technical skills that bring out the flavours of the ingredients, while maintaining their original essence. 

- CREATIVITY: Ability to explore original, stimulating and innovative perspectives with a personal and contemporary style, while maintaining a perfect balance between the flavour and aesthetic appearance. 

- PERSONAL BELIEF: Ability to communicate a clear message which summarises the vision of their work, i.e. their vision of the world of food and their contribution to today’s society in general, through food.

For the purposes of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2020, the globe has been split into 12 regions, including 50 key countries that have to be represented. They are not strictly divided in relation to geographic proximities, but are a combination of various factors as determined by S.Pellegrino.

See the Annex of the Regulations for further detail and to find out which Region your country falls under.
Regions are: North America, South America, UK & Northern Europe, North-western Europe, Iberian & Mediterranean countries, Euro Asia, Greater China, Central Europe, Italy & South-eastern Europe, Africa & Middle East, Asia, Pacific.

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