Our mission

Today, the impact of gastronomy is being felt way beyond the kitchen. Those at its cutting edge are using it to pioneer tangible social change.

At the same time, the global pandemic has taught us that digital communication is more important than ever for the industry: having dedicated virtual spaces to share experiences, ideas and opportunities has become crucial to deal with new challenges.

That’s why S.Pellegrino is launching an online educational platform to attract, connect and nurture diverse talent: the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy.

Through the Academy, we aim to build an ecosystem to identify, connect and nurture the next generation of chefs, no matter where they are from, their gender or their ethnicity.

What’s more, the most influential and renowned members of the gastronomy community will join us in this mission.

The Academy will empower young chefs through education, mentoring, networking and career opportunities, supporting the development of those who want to make a difference in global gastronomy.

In summary, the Academy goals are to:

  • Identify the most talented young chefs in the world, through the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition
  • Nurture and support them with the Academy educational program and trigger collaborations between Members.
  • Create a global network of talented Young and Senior Chefs to facilitate the exchange of professional and human knowledge and experience.
  • Spread values such as Inclusivity and Sustainability through the Academy program.

S.Pellegrino truly believes in the transformative power of gastronomy. Together we can change the world, one plate at a time.