Today, the impact of the world of gastronomy is being felt way beyond the kitchen. Those at the cutting edge of gastronomy are pioneering its use as a device for social impact and change. As a long term partner of the greatest minds in culinary excellence, S.Pellegrino truly believes in this: the transformative power of gastronomy.

It is this belief, that led us to develop S.Pellegrino Young Chef, a constantly engaged talent platform that nurtures the future of gastronomy. And we are in good company, as we are joined by the most influential and renowned members of the Gastronomy Community in developing, discovering and promoting the next generation of culinary talent.

We passionately believe that talent should not be confined by ethnicity, gender or geography, which is why from 2019/2020 S.Pellegrino Young Chef has been re-defined to broaden the diversity of the participants. For the first time, 50 countries around the world are being represented in the competition and we will aim to have at least three woman chefs in each of the regional semi-finals.

Gastronomy can change our society. Nurturing diverse young talent is more important than ever. Through S.Pellegrino Young Chef, we dream of a better tomorrow, together.