Mark Moriarty’s Top Tips: Golden Rule #4, Beauty | Video

I’m Mark Moriarty, S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 and your guide to 2016 competition. It’s a huge challenge. To be the best you need to bring many skills to the table. 

The steps of the judging process are broken down into five key criteria, the so called Golden Rules: IngredientsSkills, Genius, Beauty and Message.

In the fourth part of these guides I’ll be offering up my suggestions on how to make sure you score highly in the field of ‘Beauty’.

It’s a simple rule: your food must look as good as it tastes. It must tempt the eyes before it dazzles the palate. Appearance is just as essential to the success of your dish as taste and texture. You must see your dish as a work of art, then create something beautiful!